Pennsylvania Student Misconduct & Discipline Attorney

An Experienced Pennsylvania Student Discipline Attorney

An experienced lawyer can spell the difference between success and failure for students who have been accused of violating a school’s code of conduct.  Even seemingly minor violations can have unforeseen rippling effects into a student’s academic and career life.  Some allegations, if confirmed, will devastate.  The disciplinary process is harsh and fast, and most students have never experienced anything like it.  This leaves even innocent students susceptible to being wrongly punished.  Relying simply on telling the truth is not enough to convince a disciplinary panel.  Students have to be prepared to fight their case.

Common Allegations

A college’s code of conduct lays out all of the rules that students are expected to follow, and the repercussions if those rules are broken.  Some of the most common violations are:

Consequences of Code of Conduct Violations

Every violation has certain consequences attached, with some being much more severe than others.  Though some violations can lead to fines, expulsion and even prison time, all violations have the chance to jeopardize a student’s academic career.  Some violations can negatively effect a student’s future career as well.  An experienced lawyer is crucial to defend you against any disciplinary charges before they end up on your permanent or academic records.

Manchester & Associates Defense

Contact Manchester & Associates today for help if you or your student has been accused of violating any part of the code of conduct.  The repercussions can be severe for some violations and there won’t be much time to prepare.  Having an experienced attorney on your side will greatly increase your chances of avoiding charges altogether, or decreasing the blow.  Keep your records clean and contact us today.

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