Assault and PA Law

Simple assault is the attempt to cause injury, menace or put a person in fear of bodily injury.  It is typically a second-degree misdemeanor unless there are other factors.

Assault is a very common criminal charge on college campuses. Students are often out on their own for the first time and suddenly placed in situations that they have never encountered before: situations that leave the opportunity open for assault. The resulting actions by the campus can make life extremely complex and may cause serious jeopardy to a students academic and career goals.

In What Situations Can a Student be Charged?

Assault in campus rarely comes from someone suddenly acting violently.  Usually something leads up to the incident, or normal inhibitions become impaired through outside forces like drugs and alcohol.

  • Verbal Disagreements

These do not tend to produce assault charges, but sometimes people can become very passionate.  Even though they initially have no thoughts of harming someone, sometimes they may incorrectly read into words, cues or body language, which can provoke them into a situation wrought with consequences.

  • Intimidation

Some students seek to oppress through intimidating tactics.  They most likely do not know that intimidation can be considered grounds for assault because they don’t have any intent of doing actual harm.  What they don’t realize is that they can instill such fear in another person that the victim feels as though their well being is in danger, even if they were never touched.

  • Fighting

Fighting can ensue under the effects of drug or alcohol or when a student is under immense stress.  Sometimes it is a string of words and actions that leads to a brawl.  Strict disciplinary charges and criminal charges can be given to both parties, even if one did not start the ordeal.

How Does Assault Affect Me at School?

A school’s code of conduct forbids any violent acts.  Local police will most likely be called in to handle the incident and they will handle all evidence.  They will hand this over to the school authorities to use in their disciplinary steps.  Assault is taken very seriously and a student can face harsh repercussions from the school and the state.

Manchester & Associates Defense

With both the school and state law to contend against, a student charged with Assault can endanger their academics and their future.  An experienced attorney can lessen or remove the criminal charges.  Contact Manchester & Associates today for help if you or your student is facing assault charges.