Colleges under Title IX Investigation

Colleges under Title IX Investigation

Colleges and Universities are increasingly coming under the scrutiny and investigation of the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (DOE-OCR) for failing to handle Title IX cases appropriately.  This means that students and their families need to be concerned about not only the initially exhausting allegations, possible criminal charges and the possibility of life altering disciplinary actions, but also that the process may be poorly handled by their particular institution.  The reality is that schools can and do mishandle cases to the detriment of claimants and respondents.

The DOE-OCR is a Federal agency that is responsible for investigating higher learning institutions that do not properly handle, or fail to investigate, Title IX cases.  The DOE-OCR is becoming increasingly aggressive in pursuing investigations, and it is likely because of the exponential increase in schools that are already under investigation over just the past several years.

At this time, 458 investigations have occurred since 2011, and only 121 of them have been resolved.  That means that the DOE-OCR still has 337 open investigations of colleges and universities improperly handling Title IX cases.  The average case length is 2 years.  With such an increase in mistakes happening, it is crucial to retain an experienced attorney to help build a strong case that is successful from the first hearing.

Manchester & Associates Defense

With the increasing number of colleges and universities under investigation for mishandling Title IX investigations, it is now more important than ever to have a complete and thorough understanding of your school’s unique processes.  A skilled attorney will recognize the moment your rights are being violated and can file papers in your defense to stop it.  Contact Manchester & Associates today for help.

In just Pennsylvania, the following higher learning institutions are under federal investigation for Title IX compliance issues:

  • Allegheny College
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Dickinson College
  • Elizabethtown College
  • Franklin & Marshall College
  • Gannon University
  • Lincoln University (Pa.)
  • Manor College
  • Millersville University of Pennsylvania
  • Muhlenberg College
  • Pennsylvania State University at University Park
  • Point Park University
  • Swarthmore College
  • Temple University
  • Ursinus College
  • Valley Forge Military College