Computer Crimes/ Cyber Crimes

Campus Related Computer and Cyber Crimes

Students use computers nearly everyday of their college life to complete assignments for class, and to use the internet for their social life.  Any of these tasks can place a student in an easy area for a cyber crime.  Cyber crimes will violate school policies and will be taken seriously.  A student could find their academic and career goals imperiled if a university finds them guilty of a cyber or computer crime.

What are Common College Cyber Crimes?

A student can be guilty of a cyber crime in several different ways.  Some offenses even carry a criminal charge along with the school’s discipline for violating their policy.

  • Unauthorized Websites
    Even on a personal computer, a student can be accused of a cyber crime for visiting unauthorized websites.  This is because a student must accept a school’s terms of service in order to gain internet access.
  • Cheating
    A student could be guilty of a cyber crime and cheating if they use a computer to accomplish their task.
  • Internet Piracy and Illegal Downloads
    This is very common among not just college students, but people everywhere.  Movies and music are the most common.  While it is illegal for everyone, a college student faces the threat of much harsher disciplinary action because they are violating a school’s code as well.
  • Cyber Harassment and Bullying
    Any repeated hostile contact with another person can be interpreted as harassment.  This offense can carry heavy repercussions because is can also place a student in jeopardy of criminal charges and Title IX violations.
  • Cyber Stalking
    Stalking isn’t limited to a physically presence.  When someone constantly, and sometimes threateningly, invades another person’s online privacy and identity, they can be accused of stalking.  This offense can also be considered a Title IX violation.

How Can Computer Crimes Affect Me on Campus?

The consequences can be severe for a student accused of cyber crimes.  They can be fined or loose internet access.  If the offense can be carried over into a Title IX violation, the student will face suspension or expulsion.  The disciplinary actions can be utterly swift: sometimes before a student knows what has happened.  Universities take cyber crimes seriously and will quickly respond to any incident.

Manchester & Associates Defense

Contact Manchester & Associates today for help if you have been accused of a cyber crime.  Universities can move quickly and harshly.  The consequences can even be enacted before the student has been informed.  Every school has a unique process to their hearings and it can be very stressful for a student to handle alone.  An attorney can help the student step though the sometimes convoluted processes and can even be present if additional support is needed.