Conducting An Investigation

Properly Conduct an Investigation in
Your Defense

If you have been accused of sexual assault, even if the charges are blatantly false, you need to realize how high the stakes are.  Too many students disregard the severity of the allegations and then they are caught off guard as they fumble through a school process that is designed to be swift under the scrutiny of administration that presumes guilt.  Education, careers, even freedom is at stake when a student is accused.  This is not something to be taken lightly.

Understanding the potential ramifications of being guilty can feel paralyzing and scary, but they will better prepare you to handle your case.  Preparing a strong defensive statement is crucial, and that requires a quick a thorough investigation immediately after being notified of the claims.  The truth is best found early in an investigation, and it is up to you to preserve and record it.

These tips will help you conduct a thorough and effective investigation:

Gather and Preserve Evidence

Email, text messages, social media messages and any other form of communication related to the allegations should be saved immediately, and preferably not on a phone that could be easily lost or broken.  Screenshots can be used for online messages and photos.  So many students use technology, so preserving the information usually isn’t difficult.  The more time that is allowed to pass, the more chance there is for posts or picture evidence to be deleted from social media.

Providing any evidence surrounding the case can be beneficial, even if it isn’t direct correspondence with the accuser.  If in doubt, save it.

Get an Attorney to Help

Doing an investigation on your own is not recommended and can be risky.  You may not know or understand the full scope of information that is needed for your case because most likely you have never conducted an investigation.  Manchester & Associates has extensive expertise in managing an investigation.  We know the right questions to ask to get the information you need for your case.  Even if an attorney isn’t needed to speak, they can still be actively involved behind the scenes: interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence, and giving you the counsel you need.

Manchester & Associates Defense

You must be active and ready to take the reigns if you have been accused of sexual assault.  Do not let others decide your future.  Hiring Manchester & Associates today will greatly increase your odds at a favorable outcome.