Criminal Prosecution

Can I be Criminally Prosecuted for Campus Sexual Assault?

Yes, there is a possibility of being criminal prosecution in a sexual assault case on campus.  Though the chance is low, it must be taken seriously.  Student often do not think about the criminal law aspect of a sexual assault case.  Generally a campus responds to very low level instances such as inappropriate touch or regretting a sexual decision months after the incident.  Such cases can be difficult to prove and generally are handled on campus, where administrators are under pressure from the U.S. Department of Education to wrap up incidents quickly and thoroughly.

If you have had criminal charges filed, you need legal representation immediately.  An attorney can minimize the chances of criminal conviction and increase the chances of evading charges.  You may even be asked to remain quiet since any word can be used against you.  This is not good advice by itself.  An experienced attorney can give additional tips on what to do.  Here are a couple pointers:

Consistency is the Rule

You may be required to make a statement by your school.  This does not mean you are guilty.  Being consistent and concise is crucial because anything said can be used again in a criminal trial.

Tell the Truth

Any lie, no matter how small, can be caught and completely discredit your entire statement with school authorities.  Being truthful is the key to consistency.  Lies are conflicting and make it easy for someone to contradict themselves.  It is best to just be focused on the truth.

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