Destruction Of Property

Destroying Property on College Campuses

The college setting provides ample opportunity for a student to destroy property.  This can be unintentional, done under the influence, or even done intentionally.  Destroying other’s property can carry criminal charges and can affect a student for the rest of their life.  At the very least, the destruction will be a violation of school policy and will incur disciplinary action by the college.

There are some common situations that can lead a student to destroy property on a college campus.  A few of these are:

  • Destroying or otherwise harming school resources
    Whenever something is loaned through the school, whether it is books, equipment or furniture, it is expected to be returned in good usable condition.  Sometimes a student can accidentally deface the property, and sometimes it is intentional  Either way, the student may face serious consequences.
  • Intentional destruction through vandalism
    This can happen on any book, piece of equipment or on the premises.  Universities take vandalism very seriously and a student will face serious consequences if they are caught.
  • Alcohol or drug impaired destruction
    These two substances can cause even the best college student to destroy property in a way that they never would have attempted without being under the influence.  This is rarly the intent when students first drink, but with impaired judgement and sometimes large groups of similarly impaired people, students can be swayed into destructive habits much easier.

How Can Destruction of Property Affect Me on Campus?

Minor destruction may entail a fine, replacement costs, or the student being barred from using college resources.  This alone can greatly hinder students who may need access to certain materials for their classes and may already be struggling to pay basic bills.  If the offense is more severe like vandalism, the student can face criminal charges and a police investigation on top of the college’s disciplinary action.  This can easily lead to suspension, expulsion, and even jail time for a severe or repeated offense.

Manchester & Associates Defense

Contact Manchester & Associates today for help if you have been accused of destroying campus property.  Depending on the severity, this offense may need to be fought on two fronts: criminal charges from the state and disciplinary actions through the college. An attorney can help the student step though both of the processes.