Disciplinary Violations

Disciplinary Violations on a College Campus

Colleges respond to violations of their code of conduct seriously and quickly.  While students may be expecting similar treatment as the “innocent until proven guilty” method of our judicial system, the reality is that they operate under their own processes.  Their standard of evidence is low, meaning that they will convict a student well before a court’s “beyond a reasonable doubt” stipulation.  The harsh truth is that a student facing criminal charges will often face the school administration and local law enforcement.  The school will work together with authorities to collaborate evidence against the student.  This can leave the student overwhelmed and confused as they fight accusations on two different fronts, both of which can operate under differing methods.

Colleges will often use a courtroom type scene for their rulings, but they are not bound by court of law rules in all cases.  They can be swift and severe, enacting disciplinary punishments before a student can argue their own case.  Sometimes students are not made aware of the full scope of evidence being used against them.  This type of environment can utterly destroy a student’s academic and life goals in a short amount of time.  An experienced attorney can work with the student and make sure their rights are respected and rules are followed.

Manchester & Associates Defense

Contact Manchester & Associates today for help if you or your student have been accused of a disciplinary violation.  Manchester has extensive experience in navigating college hearing processes and the court of law.  So many violations carry a double edged sword: The student can often face criminal charges from the state and disciplinary actions through the college.  Let an experienced attorney counsel and aid you in both areas.