Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence on Campus

College life is a great learning experience for students, many of which who are on their own for the first time.  This brings ample opportunity for life lessons.  Most will be positive and help build the student into a very capable and independent adult.  Other learning lessons can turn to trouble if the student does not know how to properly respond or when to get help.  If this trouble occurs between students in a relationship, it can lead to domestic violence accusations.  This serious offense can carry criminal charges and it could impact a students academic and career opportunities.  It can even affect them socially in the community.

There are different scenarios that can cause a student to be accused of domestic violence.  A few common ones are listed below:

  • Disputes in a relationship
    Have you ever heard another person talking or yelling even though you couldn’t see them?  Voices and sounds can travel through dorm walls and another person catching wind of an argument could misconstrue what is actually happening.  This leaves a student open to being accused of domestic violence on the claims of others.
  • Incidents of Domestic Violence
    Domestic violence can happen on a college campus.  Whether guilty or not, a student can quickly become overwhelmed by the forceful reaction of school administration who treat these offenses particularly harshly.
  • False Accusations or Allegations
    False reports can easily be made on campus as most universities make filing very easy.  While this is great for suffering victims, it opens the door to a vengeful person to bring down the school administration on another student.  Sometimes the deterrents against filing false reports are not enough to stop someone from abusing the system.

How Can Domestic Violence Affect Me on Campus?

These serious charges will be responded to quickly and forcefully from the school administration.  They also can carry criminal charges, meaning that the school and police will work together against an accused student.  Because of the nature of domestic violence, Title IX policies will also be followed, making suspension and expulsion possible consequences as well.

Manchester & Associates Defense

Contact Manchester & Associates today for help if you have been accused of domestic violence.  Universities can move quickly and they will most likely use Title IX to severely punish the accused student.  With the pressures of administration discipline and the state authorities, students will often feel overwhelmed as their life goals are threatened.  An attorney can help the student step though both the school’s academic misconduct process and the court of law.