Drug Related Offenses

Drug Related Violations

With the freedom that college allows, sometimes students can find themselves facing repercussions that they never expected from seemingly harmless decisions.  There are a range of possible drug related offenses on a college campus including:

  • Using, possessing, purchasing or attempting to purchase, making or distributing any controlled substance unless directly permitted by law.  This includes, but is not limited to: heroin, marijuana, narcotics, and homemade cocktails.
  • Constructive possession of any drugs.  If drugs are found in a students car or dorm, they would still be considered in possession because those areas are directly under the student’s control.
  • Being caught under the influence of illegal substances either on or off campus.
  • Attempting to sell, transport, furnish or deliver drugs
  • Organizing or hosting any party where drugs are found present.  A student can loose their housing if they are found responsible.
  • Possessing any drug paraphernalia including: pipes, bongs, grinders, etc.
  • Misusing any legal or illegal substance in order to achieve a “high” or otherwise alter a person’s mental or physical state.
  • Driving impaired under the influence of drugs, whether legal or not
  • Drugging anyone else without their knowledge or consent by any means.

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