College Campus Drug Use

The flexible and independent nature of a college is great for student growth, but it has the opportunity to put students in places where their decisions are aren’t made in their favor.  Perhaps it is the first time the student is away from the guidance of their parents, or they might be overwhelmed by the stress of a completely new environment.  What ever the case is, the unfortunate truth is that some students will take illicit substances and put other students at risk from their behavior.  The possession, sale or use of drugs is taken very seriously by school administration, and a student may also face charges from state law.

There are a few common situations that can lead to a student being charged:

  • Drug Use
    While some students are directly caught in the act, some students may be lumped into a group just because they were near the illegal substance.  This can easily happen at parties where there may be many students in one area.  Authorities can accuse all students present of use, whether or not they participated.
  • Possession of Drugs
    Campus dorms are property of the college and fall under strict anti-drug use.  A student can be charged with possession if drugs are found on their person or in their room.  Even if the drugs belong to a roommate, all who share the dorm could be accused of possession.
  • Illegally Selling Drugs
    While all illegal drugs are obviously illegal to sell, it is also illegal to sell drugs that have been specifically prescribed to a student.  Selling is a serious offense and will often end with student being accused by the school administration and legal authorities.

How Can Drug Crimes Affect Me on Campus?

Campus authorities will typically work with local authorities, which means that a student will face consequences from their school and the law.  While some drug crimes may be circumstantial and lead to lose of housing or certain freedoms, other crimes can have very serious consequences, including suspension, expulsion and even jail time.  Universities have a lower standard for evidence being presented than local authorities do, so a student will face disciplinary action under the school no matter how severe the crime.

Manchester & Associates Defense

Drug crimes are a serious offense that can leave a permanent record with a student and even land them in jail.  Contact Manchester & Associates today for help if you have been accused of any drug crime on campus.  Universities typically move quickly and harshly.  They may use substandard evidence to accuse students, which can result in innocent bystanders being found guilty.  An attorney can help the student step though the school’s academic misconduct process and the state courts.