Fake I.D.’s

Using or Producing Fake I.D.’s on Campus

In a college campus environment, with the diverse mix of ages, it can be very tempting for a student to use a fake I.D. in order to appear older than they really are.  The desire is rooted in wanting to be socially accepted at parties, bars, or even just with a few other students.  Though the initial intent may be innocent, carrying or using a fake I.D. is against a college’s code of conduct and violates the law.  A student can place their whole academic and personal future in danger since it carries consequences on campus and with the state.

The main uses of a fake I.D. on a college campus are:

  • The purchase of alcohol
    Easily the most common reason that a student will possess a fake I.D.  The purchase can be for individual or party use.  Doing this places a greater chance of harsh discipline on the student because not only did they purchase under the age of 21, they also used an illegal I.D. to do it.
  • Gaining admittance to bars
    Some campuses can have multiple bars very close by, making it very enticing for a student to attempt to use a fake I.D. to sneak in with their friends.  Being caught doing this means that local authorities will be called in, and that the student will also face school discipline.

How Can Fake I.D. Use Affect Me on Campus?

The best case scenario a student can hope for is that the store or bar owner simply denies the purchase or entrance and throws the I.D. away.  They may use the I.D. on a public “wall of shame”, making an embarrassing spectacle for the local community to look at.  This can happen at a bar or a liquor store.  A student will face more serious action if they are caught by school or local authorities.  Since possession and use of a fake I.D. is illegal, the student opens themselves to the possibility of criminal charges on top of school discipline.

Manchester & Associates Defense

Contact Manchester & Associates today for help if you have been accused of possessing or using a fake I.D.  School authorities have their own processes for disciplinary action, and their unique timelines and standards can make for a very confusing position for the student to defend themselves.  This offense can also carry criminal charges.  An attorney can help the student step though both of the processes.