Falsification/ Fabrication

Falsification/Fabrication on Campus

Rumors and gossip will be the standard wherever large groups of people congregate.  A college setting, with many diverse people from all age groups and backgrounds, is no different.  Sometimes an individual will purposely report false information in order to get another student in trouble.  The accused student will suddenly be facing disciplinary charges for the school administration, and possibly criminal charges from local authorities.  This purposeful intent to mislead others is where falsifying or fabricating information differs from everyday gossip.  Another student is typically undermined and they can have their life goals compromised even though they did not do anything.

Some of the common situations that involve falsification or fabrication on a college campus are:

  • Reporting False Events
    Sometimes a student may knowingly report events or details that did not happen, but sometimes the mistake is unintentional.  The student may be basing their report on unverified information.  Either way, the college will take swift action.
  • Misleading Words
    Students can sometimes state something in a way that can be misconstrued by others or authorities.  It may not be intentional, but if the school administration believe that the statement was purposely made to be misleading, they will take action against the student.
  • Protection of Friends
    Friends and social structures can have an immense influence on a student’s life.  If they see that either one faces disciplinary action, they may resort to speaking false information in order to protect them.  Though the intent is not malicious, the consequences of speaking falsehoods can cause everyone that is connected to it to suffer harsher penalties.

How Can Falsification or Fabrication Affect Me on Campus?

A college can impose strong consequences against any student that they believe has made false statements.  An innocent student who believes they are protecting a friend can be wrapped up in the school’s disciplinary process, and depending on the severity of the claim or investigation that it hindered, they can be suspended or even expelled.  Hindering the investigation of local authorities will cause even more severe consequences since the student will then face criminal charges.  Schools and local authorities will work together to build evidence against the accused student.

Manchester & Associates Defense

Contact Manchester & Associates today for help if you have been accused of falsifying or fabricating statements.  Though this offense is often rooted in good intentions or the perceived protection of others, it is against the college’s code of conduct and state law.  The consequences can be severe depending on how much an investigation was hindered.  Fighting a case on two fronts can be overwhelming and exhausting for a student to do alone.  An attorney can help a student through both of these processes.