How Should I Proceed?

How Should I Proceed if I am Accused of Sexual Assault?

Don’t let a sexual assault allegation destroy your future.  By proceeding in the right direction, you can greatly maximize your chances of success.  Here a just a few tips on how your should proceed:

Learn the Code of Conduct

Your school has a student code of conduct that has guidelines that students must follow.  This policy will not only have information on sexual assault and Title IX policy, but it will also tell you how your schools mitigates reports of misconduct.  It is imperative that you read and understand the school code so that you know the steps and processes that your school authorities will use.  You cannot be too prepared.

The added benefit of thoroughly knowing and understanding school policy is that you can make sure you are treated fairly by school officials.  There are times when school administration have violated their own code of conduct, especially in the case of sexual assault where they are under enormous pressure to quickly discipline the accused and end the case.

Evidence, Evidence, Evidence

Collect everything you can related to your case.  With the rampant use of technology, and multiple social media structures to vent on, collecting evidence on phones and internet has never been easier.  Full conversations can easily be saved and documented.  It is crucial to record and keep every single interaction.

Write a Statement

As the accused, you will have to write a statement.  It is of the utmost importance that your statement is true and factual even though every inclination may be to prove your case or gloss the details.  If you are dishonest in your statement, authorities will question your entire case.  It may feel unnecessary or even embarrassing, but we suggest that the accused report everything that happened to the best of their ability.  Doing your statement as early as possible will help you remember key details.

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