How To Handle Accusations

How To Handle Accusations

Most students have no idea how high the stakes are when a violation of the school’s code of conduct happens.  Such infractions can prolong the time it takes to obtain a degree, or they can even prevent students from receiving one.  Allegations that are more serious, such as Title IX sexual misconduct, can land even an innocent student in jail with a permanent criminal record.  Don’t delay.  The decisions made immediately after an allegation will determine the ultimate outcome.  Manchester and Associates knows how to wisely respond to such allegations so that you have a favorable outcome.  These few tips will greatly increase your chances of surviving Title IX allegations:

Retain an Attorney

You cannot afford to wait until after a suspension or expulsion to retain an attorney.  A lawyer can mitigate wrongful penalties and protect your rights while maximizing your chances of a desirable outcome.  Too many students make the mistake of waiting too long.  Early action often ensures a fair and judicious resolution.

You may be monitored

Whether or not you did the actions you have been accused of, or even if you think they are nothing to be concerned about, you have to be aware that suspicious behavior can make you look guilty and turn the outcome of your case.  Schools cannot be lax in responding to allegations.  That means they will promptly and aggressively follow up on violations, especially with sexual misconduct.  You very well may be put under supervision.  Under such scrutiny, an innocent action can be thrown out of context as “proof” of an infraction.

Record and Gather

Save any and all evidence concerning your case such as: pictures, messages, social media responses, clothing, and any other items that support you.  Record the names and numbers of witnesses who know anything about you, the accuser or anything about the incident.  You have to build a solid case and even the smallest bit of evidence can help.

Title IX and Manchester

Contact Manchester & Associates today for help.  The steps you take immediately following an accusation could very well be the most important ones in your whole case.