How To Write An Academic/ Disciplinary Appeal

How Do I Write an Academic or Disciplinary Appeal?

Disciplinary actions by a college or university are swift and severe.  They can completely inhibit your ability to get your degree.  Your GPA can suffer.  You can be expelled.  From simple violations like drinking underage, to more severe violations like being wrongly punished under Title IX sexual misconduct, you need to take advantage of your right to appeal.  Disciplinary actions will have rippling negative effects throughout the community and even with future employers.  It is crucial to minimize and even reverse these effects.

What is a Student Appeal?

An academic or disciplinary appeal takes place after a student has been found in violation of the school’s code of conduct.  It would be filed after a hearing, when probations and restrictions have been been applied.  An academic appeal is used in the case of academic probation.  A student caught with drugs or cheating would submit a disciplinary appeal.

More information will be found in the college handbook or their website, including information on what is allowed to be repealed.  This can vary from school to school.  Some colleges may only have explicit points that can be appealed.  The majority will not allow you to re-argue a case.

If you are considering filing an appeal, here are a few tips that might help:

Letter Must Contain Grounds for Appeal

You are challenging a decision made by a college or university.  This information has to have good support and reason behind it.  The common grounds used by students are:

  • The manner in which the code of conduct was violated does not justify the severity of the punishment
  • The evidence ruled on does not support or justify the decision made by the school
  • The school violated its own code or the the legal right to due process
  • New evidence that was not available at the time of the hearing has come forward

Consult an Experienced Attorney

Someone with experience in Title IX, college processes and the court of law will be able to maximize your chance at a successful appeal.  Some schools regulate the presence of an attorney, but this does not bar the student from getting the advice and guidance of a lawyer who has significant knowledge in all these processes.

Never Miss a Deadline

Every school is unique in its processes, and therefore deadlines can vary widely.  It is important to appeal within your school’s deadline.  While some schools give ample opportunity, some schools do not.  It is wise not to be caught off guard and assume a certain time frame.

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