How We Can Assist You

How We Can Assist You

Misconduct on a college campus is taken very seriously by the administration.  Consequences are often swift and severe and can include suspension and expulsion.  More severe circumstances like Title IX cases leave no room for error.  The emotional toll on everyone involved is staggering.  An accused student is suddenly swept into a confusing and fearful experience where they can feel completely alienated.  They will likely be treated as though they are guilty, even before the evidence has been presented.  Without an experienced attorney, the future academic future they face is bleak.

While the student tries to cope with the negative stigma, even though allegations may be false or exaggerated, they will be saddled with strict penalties if they are found guilty in their hearing.  If not immediately expelled, they can be suspended from classes or have to operate under no contact orders that can make attending classes next to impossible.  They may also face criminal charges and have to fight through not only the college’s investigation, but the state courts.  The odds are stacked against them, but there is hope.

With the help of an attorney who is experienced in the college setting and the court of law, a student greatly increases their chances of prevailing.  Manchester & Associates can assist you with the following:

  • Explaining your school’s unique code of conduct and your rights
  • Involvement in the school’s investigations, hearings, and appeals processes
  • Assess and notify you of the legal options you have available if there is an unfavorable ruling
  • Conduct a separate, private investigation of your case to gather facts that support your account so that you can have a solid defense against the allegations
  • Keep schools respectful of your rights and submit a “litigation hold” letter if necessary to warn them that a lawsuit will be pending if you are treated unfairly
  • Advocate your side of the case before any school officials involved, including the Title IX investigator, coordinator or other attorneys
  • Assist in the preparation and submission of an appeal that is specifically designed for your school’s unique processes if there has been an unfair or unjust ruling

Why Do You Need a Title IX Attorney?

Title IX violations are unique in that the school is under immense pressure from the Department of Education to close cases quickly or they could loose their federal funding.  Because of this, and the fact that sexual assault allegations carry the very real possibility of criminal charges and immense social and emotional stress, there is simply no room for a mistake.  Entire futures and career opportunities can be forfeited and students will live with the allegations on their permanent record.  Criminal charges can lead to fines and even jail.

Students need to be active participants in the investigatory processes.  Too often they dismiss the nature of the allegations and fail to appropriately prepare.  With so much at stake to lose, they cannot afford to be lax at any point.  Attorneys are skilled at preparing accused individuals for the intimidating hearings that they will face, but an attorney that is skilled in college discipline can prepare a student for both state courts and the college administrative panel.

Manchester & Associates Defense

Contact Manchester & Associates today for help if your student needs assistance.  Our attorneys specialize in college discipline and can help your student prepare and win their case.