Pennsylvania Title IX Disciplinary Procedures

Pennsylvania Title IX Disciplinary Procedures

Though schools are very similar in how they investigate and carry out the Title IX processes, they can vary in certain areas.  The can use a single investigator, a disciplinary panel, or a blend of the two.  Even if two colleges choose the same method, there can be other critical differences.  It is important to know your particular schools unique disciplinary process in order to have success.

No matter the differences in schools, students can expect one thing to remain constant: the federally mandated Title IX cases of sexual misconduct will be handled swiftly and often severely.  The standard of evidence is very low too: well below the “beyond a reasonable doubt” that is used in the criminal court system.  This, along with the intense federal pressure to resolve cases or loose federal funding, colleges are continuing to diminish the safeguards set in place for the accused student.

Surprisingly, campus Title IX cases are led by students, faculty and/or administrators that often have little to no training in any area of investigations, rules of evidence, civil procedures or due process.  This means that students are facing criminal charges and discipline that can affect them for a lifetime at the hands of people who may not be professionals.  Allegations alone can place students in serious and often mentally exhausting situations.  The consequences include suspension, expulsion, a permanent record, and even criminal conviction and jail time.  Schools do make mistakes, and many colleges are under federal investigation for it.  Since 2011, the number has increased exponentially, and only about 25% of the cases have been resolved.

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Even if a school inadequately handles sexual misconduct cases, it is imperative to know the particular way that they investigate and determine results in Title IX cases.  Taking the proper steps early on is the best way that students can protect themselves.  Contact Manchester & Associates today if you are facing a Title IX violation.

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