Every Student Deserves the Best

The transition to college is a well deserved rite of passage for students.  They have worked hard and thought over their career decision for countless hours.  The moment they are dropped off in their new and exciting environment, they are often exercising the greatest amount of freedom in their lives.  As a parent, you can can easily be overcome with worry while feeling overwhelmingly proud at the same time.  You have spent years raising them to be their best: to avoid situations that could jeopardize their lives or future.  Their newfound freedom is necessary in their growth into a successful adult, but it also means they can be faced with situations where they make the wrong decision.  Sometimes it is a lack of understanding, sometimes it is a momentary lapse in judgement, and sometimes it is simply an entirely new situation that no person can properly prepare for.

In those moments, when you face the stark reality that you cannot be there for everything, you will do whatever it takes to secure your child’s future.  Colleges and Universities have strict methods of discipline that can uproot the financial and academic pursuits of a student much more swiftly than state courts.  Knowing how to navigate this new terrain is crucial.

Discipline in College

Not only is the discipline typically swift, sometimes occurring mere days after an incident, but it can be exceptionally harsh as well.  Students may not be given proper time to defend themselves or even grasp the depths of what is going on.  They may barely have enough time to alert you, and they may end up facing the disciplinary panel alone and inadequately prepared.  You may ask yourself if there is anything you can even do at that point.  Your student may even brush off the accusations, not fully realizing that there is little chance to merely talk their way out of it.  There are not going to stand before a sympathetic teacher.  It will be a full disciplinary board that wants to fully protect the image of the college and the safety of all students.  Students rarely grasp the full scope of disciplinary actions and do not realize how much their future is affected until it is too late.

Manchester & Associates Defense

Don’t let the unknown scare you or your student.  Colleges may move swiftly and harshly when dealing with disciplinary actions, but they are still governed by law.  An experienced attorney can make sure the student’s rights are protected and they are given adequate time to prepare their case.  Most students have no experience in the court system, and a disciplinary panel isn’t much different.  It will be intimidating.  A student who has consulted an attorney will be much better prepared to face the hearing and will have a greater understanding of the process and what is at stake.

Contact Manchester & Associates today for help if your student is facing disciplinary action at their college or university.  Time is not on your side, but an attorney is.

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