Piracy on Campus

Everyone knows that the costs of education go up by the year.  From tuition to textbooks, the financial load on students now is greater than it has ever been.  Many students have to find new ways to budget or save money.  Unfortunately, this can make them turn to illegal methods such as downloading, copying or distributing copyrighted materials.  This offense is called piracy.

The Biggest Offender: Textbooks

It isn’t music, movies or games.  The largest percentage of college students try to pirate textbooks.  This isn’t surprising given the amount of textbooks needed each semester, the staggering and yearly increasing value of them, and the fact that they are used for such a short duration of time.

The piracy of textbooks is treated seriously by law enforcement and college campuses.  It is a direct drain on the economy.   Estimates place the loss in the amount of hundreds of millions of dollars to authors because of pirated or illegally downloaded college materials.  New restrictions are being implemented every year, such as password protection and access codes, to curb the mass rate of pirated resources.  Some schools have the option to rent textbooks, but to a cash strapped student, that cost can seem insurmountable as well, especially when it can be had for free somewhere online.

How Can Piracy Affect Me on Campus?

Students should know that there are groups that watch for illegal downloads, and because the of vast amounts of money lost, they focus on colleges and universities.  If they find that a textbook or resource has been pirated, they will contact the college and try to have the person identified.  If this happens, the student will mostly likely face disciplinary action by the school administration.  Large music and movie companies such as the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America also watch and file lawsuits against those that pirate their materials.

Manchester & Associates Defense

Contact Manchester & Associates today for help if you have been accused piracy.  An attorney can help the student step though the process and protect their rights.