Plagiarism on Campus

The stresses and deadlines of college can overwhelm even the most studious student.  During times where projects and papers seem to come from every class, the stress can even cause a student to make bad decisions when they normally wouldn’t.  It is easy to see why students sometimes turn to plagiarism: where they copy another person’s work or ideas and claim them as their own.  While this may seem like a time saving venture, it is forbidden by all colleges.  Students must be aware that there is a distinction between citing or referencing in a paper and plagiarism.  One credits the original author and one claims the material as the student’s original idea.  If a student is caught, they will face disciplinary action by their college whether or not they fully understand what plagiarism is.

There are many different reasons why a student might turn to plagiarism.  The rare few may have a genuine lack of knowledge of what constitutes plagiarism and may not aware of college policies.  Some may be stressed and scared that they will fail a course.  Others simply procrastinate or manage their time poorly.  Unfortunately, there are always some who know what it is, but they just believe that they won’t be caught.

How Can Plagiarism Affect Me on Campus?

Colleges take plagiarism very seriously and have little, if any, tolerance for students who are caught.  The typical immediate discipline used is suspension.  The student’s personal record will carry the offense for the rest of their college and life careers.  This can dampen a student’s chances of getting to work where they want.  The college will also monitor the student closely for the rest of their academic career, and any other offense can result in expulsion.

Students need to be aware that there are potentially legal consequences because plagiarism is against the law.  If the offense is a large enough violation of copyright laws, the student could face large fines and even imprisonment.

Finally, authors (or anyone who writes for a living) have a constitutionally protected right to sue anyone who has plagiarized their work.  A student who loses this type of court case may be mandated to repay the author in the form of monetary restitution.

Manchester & Associates Defense

Contact Manchester & Associates today for help if you have been accused plagiarism.  It can affect a student in both their academic and career pursuits.  An attorney can help the student step though the process and protect their rights.