Pornography on Campus

The vast use of the internet has undoubtedly exposed many students to pornographic material, whether intentionally or not.  It is a huge industry with multiple outlets and the profits are staggering.  It is also protected by the First Amendment.  The simple act of looking at porn is not a crime, but there are extenuating instances where it is.  Child porn is outright illegal.  Any illegal porn is not protected by the constitution.  A student may also be under different rules depending on if they are at a public or private college.  Every college has their guidelines in their code of conduct.

Are There Pornography Restrictions on Campus?

Public learning institutions are required by law to install software in the library computers that blocks pornographic or lewd websites (anything that would be potentially harmful to minors).  So for a student, they should be aware that they are not allowed to be viewing pornographic material on the computers provided by the school.

Colleges will generally allow a student to watch porn on their personal computer or device, but there is one type of porn that is common on campuses and is strictly forbidden:

Revenge Pornography

Revenge porn is illegal, yet it can be a common offense on campus.  This type of porn can include any explicit or graphic content that is distributed or posted without the person’s approval and with the intent of emotionally harming them.  Even law enforcement has been tackling this crime with harsher consequences that include large fines and even jail time.  Schools and the law will tack on additional violations and claim harassment, stalking or trespassing on top of the original crime.  An accused student can suddenly be facing a flood of serious violations and discipline.

How Can Pornography Affect Me on Campus?

Students who view porn on their private device are generally fine, though they should consult with their school’s handbook to make sure they are not risking a violation.  If a student is charged with revenge porn, they may face a multitude of crimes from both the law and their school.

Manchester & Associates Defense

Contact Manchester & Associates today for help if you have been accused of any pornography related violation.  Depending on the nature of the violation, the student could be pinned with multiple crimes and face expulsion by the school and jail time.  An attorney can help the student step though the process and protect their rights.