Seeking Mental Help

Can I Get Mental Help After Being Accused of Sexual Assault?

If you have been accused of sexual assault, you will be ostracized by the school administration, teachers, students, and even peers.  The mental burden is enormous and can lead students to completely isolate themselves or even make them angry enough to retaliate.  Retaliation is never the answer, and it will always be used to strengthen the case of the accuser.  No matter if the allegations are fabricated, real, or somewhere in between, the accused will be treated as guilty.  Though the reactions for the administration may seem extreme, especially when the allegations are completely unsupported with any evidence, they have a necessary obligation to take all allegations seriously.  Not doing so could deter future victims from speaking out.

Unfortunately, schools often do not know how to properly handle cases in a way that protects both the accuser and the accused.  The resulting effect is that the accused student, even if innocent, will suffer immensely emotionally and psychologically.  Bearing the term of rapist through classes, friends and family is overwhelming and embarrassing.  The accused will face the total disintegration of much of their life, yet the school administration doesn’t focus enough on clearly listing services that are available.

Consider the following mental health tips if you have been accused of sexual assault:

Resources Within Your Campus

Counseling services are required to be accessible within ever campus.  The administration may only recommend them to the accuser, leaving the accused student in the dark.  It is important to seek and use these resources to help successfully navigate the immensely stressful time ahead.  There might be the fear that the counselor is already against you, or that the information shared will be used against you somehow, but its important to know that they use the same disclosure rules as any other outside counselor.  It doesn’t hurt to ask if it is okay to discuss such an incident beforehand, but using a counselor provides much needed emotional support so you can cope.

Smart and Thoughtful Decisions

Mistakes happen.  People send texts they regret, or lash out in angry speech.  After someone has been accused of sexual assault, these mistakes turn from innocent wrongdoings into a pile of evidence that drags down the chances of a successful outcome.  By obtaining emotional support, you greatly increase your chances of making desirable decisions simply because you will be able to think and act more clearly.

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