Selecting An Attorney Vs. A School Advisor

Selecting An Attorney Vs. A School Advisor

Under federal law, students have a right to choose an advisor.  Though the advisor is not encouraged to talk during a school hearing, their advice can prove very beneficial.  Even their presence can boost student moral and give a favorable impression.

Advice from a professional with experience in defense litigations is a crucial asset.  It is imperative to choose a trusted advisor carefully.

How to Select an Advisor

Successful advisors have certain criteria that gives them a powerful edge to your defense.  While most students may not know what attributes make a person a good choice, we have outlined them below for you:

  • They must be comfortable for you to talk to and be around
  • They must be reliable
  • They must be able to critique honestly, even if it is painful to hear
  • They must be on your side
  • They must be able to take accurate and clear notes
  • They must be able to decipher what is useful for your case as it progresses

Though all of these criteria may be difficult to find in one person, it may make it easier to draw up a list of potential candidates and rank them based on how they can best assist you.  If you cannot find a suitable person, your school may offer you options and the advice of Manchester & Associates is always available.

Attorney or Advisor?

You may feel like you cannot trust anyone from your school, and that is certainly justified.  Even innocent offenders are treated as guilty as soon as an allegation is made.  Most schools offer a list of advisors to choose from, but if you do not feel comfortable with that, an attorney is always available.  Federal law allows attorneys to serve as advisors, and their advantages over a school appointed advisor are clear:

  • Confidentiality.  Should you choose an advisor yourself, you would need to construct a confidentiality agreement so that nothing that is said is disclosed to another party.  Attorneys already have that set up.  All communications are private and protected.  There will never be a worry of personal information being released throughout the whole process.
  • Impartiality.  An attorney is independent of the school and does not have a vested interest in it.  They only want to protect your rights.  Impartiality can be a potential problem with school appointed advisors.  You don’t know who you might be offending by mentioning names or details, and you don’t know if your case stands in the way of a promotion.  You will need to check their credentials and see if their commitment to the school overshadows their commitment to you.

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