Sexual Assualt

Sexual Assault on Campus

Students attend college in high hopes of successfully building their way to their chosen career.  They work hard to maintain grades and they are often navigating newfound waters as they experience freedom in a way that they never have before.  This freedom often builds successful and capable citizens, but it also increases the chances for a student to make decisions that they come to regret.

Sexual assault on campus is a serious offense with swift and harsh penalties.  It falls under Title IX policies and universities are under immense pressure form the U.S. Department of Education to close cases quickly or lose their federal funding. This can leave an accused student with little or no time to prepare a case or gather evidence.  Even if they aren’t guilty, living under the label of sexual assault immediately ostracizes them from other students, faculty, and even friends and family.  Students can wither under the intense pressure of feeling alone and most are not properly prepared to stand before the intimidating administrative panel in their hearing.

The first hearing is absolutely crucial and an experienced attorney should be sought before it happens.  They can help protect rights and counsel the student on how best to proceed.  The college panel will not be empathetic to the accused and can even use shaky evidence against them.  Without an attorney, the risk of being found guilty are greatly increased and disciplinary action will taken right away.  A student can even face criminal and felony charges depending on the nature of the incident.

How Can Sexual Assault Affect Me on Campus?

The mere accusation of sexual assault, even if the student is innocent, is enough to bring overwhelming emotional distress and disciplinary repercussions.  The student will face no-contact orders, suspension and expulsion.  They will often face swift and severe punishment that makes it nearly impossible to properly gather evidence and witnesses.  Much more information on sexual assault can be found in the links under the Students section of this website, including help, answers and detailed explanations.

Manchester & Associates Defense

Contact Manchester & Associates today for help if you have been accused of sexual assault.  The charges made in a college setting can result in suspension, expulsion, or even criminal and felony charges. Our representation can make the difference.