Stalking on Campus

Complicated relationships, strained by college academics, new routines and new environments, sometimes end on a sour note.  This can be very upsetting to students, and depending on their level of stress and support, they can react in ways that are unhealthy.  They may even do things that they normally wouldn’t consider.  It is imperative for students to seek counsel during these times.  They may not realize that actions that they perceive as a sweet attempt to win someone back could be considered unwanted and even threatening by another person.  If that person feels that they are unable to escape this unwanted pressure, they could report the person for stalking.

Any behavior that becomes a pattern and makes a person afraid, harasses them, or makes them feel threatened is considered stalking.  Sometimes students are unaware that their advances or actions are considered stalking, but they could still be prosecuted if they are reported.  This is a criminal offense and could carry serious consequences for the accused student.

Stalking is often characterized, but not limited to, the following behaviors:

  • Simply sending gifts to another person
  • Following them or keeping track of their schedules so that you know where they will be
  • Purposely showing up in areas or building that you know they will be
  • Posting on social media about them, whether it is your account or theirs
  • Creating content online, such as websites or blogs, about the person
  • Stealing their things
  • Damaging their property

How Can Stalking Affect Me on Campus?

Stalking is a criminal offense that can carry heavy repercussions for the accused party.  Schools and law enforcement will collaborate evidence against the student.  If the student is convicted, their entire academic career could be restricted or even terminated.  They can easily be issued a permanent restraining order which will carry heavy criminal penalties if violated, and severely hinder any thoughts of continuing academics on campus.  Access to classes, buildings, and dorm rooms will be limited because of the victims proximity.

Manchester & Associates Defense

Contact Manchester & Associates today for help if you have been accused stalking.  The criminal charges can be severe and a student will find themselves facing school administration and local law enforcement.  An experienced attorney can help the student step though both of the processes and protect their rights.