A Secure Future

Many students come to college and experience an independent life like they have never had before.  This leaves so much room for great change and growth.  A student can excel academically in a way that they choose.  Unfortunately, this experience also gives ample opportunity for bad decisions to be made.  A student can find themselves in danger of being disciplined by school authorities simply for being present at an incident.  Colleges are often swift and harsh in their hearing processes.  Students can suddenly face the loss of their housing, suspension or even expulsion.  A disciplinary panel is not your friend.  They do not understand or have sympathy for you situation.  For some situations, such as Title IX violations, the school is also under pressure from the Department of Education to resolve and close cases swiftly or they face the removal of federal funding.

Disciplinary Violations and Procedures

Schools are meant to be safe learning environments aimed toward the growth and learning of all students.  This is why they have proper codes of conduct for students to follow.  When a rule is violated, a student can find themselves swept up into court room type proceedings in front of an intimidating administrative panel.  Most students have no experience with this and they become overwhelmed or they feel completely ostracized.  Colleges will also typically hold their hearings mere days after an incident, leaving a student little, if any, time to prepare.  They don’t use the same standard of evidence to convict an accused student as the court system.  An experienced attorney can help and counsel a student through the academic disciplinary hearings and the possible criminal charges that some violations have.

Manchester & Associates Defense

Contact Manchester & Associates today for help if you  or your student is facing the disciplinary panel of a college administration.  Many offenses allow a student to present evidence of their own and provide witnesses, but schools don’t always follow their own rules.  They have also been known to withhold evidence from a student that they used in their decision making.  Not only that, but some offenses will need to be fought on two fronts: criminal charges from the state and disciplinary actions through the college.  An attorney can help the student step though both of the processes.