The Value of an Attorney

An Attorney’s Value When Sexual Assault Charges Are Imminent

Once school administration perceives sexual assault, even if the charges aren’t finalized, the accused will be presumed guilty.  Suddenly the student will find themselves alone, unable to ask questions or fairly collect evidence.  The outcome of a case can turn unfavorable all too quickly when students and staff hinder every step of the process, creating an unfair and emotionally exhausting uphill battle for the accused student.  Friends and acquaintances will distance themselves.  Even the Department of Education will hardly offer assistance.

If you are accused, the only one who will remain in your court, unwavering in their support and fueled with experience and information, is an attorney.  The benefits of using Manchester and Associates are immense.  Here are just a few:

Increase Your Fair Hearing Chance

You will be expected to gather your case alone if you have been accused of sexual assault.  The broad and heavy stigma burden of presumed guilt often leaves the student overwhelmed and unable to formulate a proper plan.  Desperation can lead to withdrawal from classes, poor grades, and isolation.  Every move made and every word spoken will be analyzed and presumed to come from a guilty person.  Such treatment can stop a student altogether from gathering the evidence needed to defend themselves.

An experienced lawyer can help you fight back and win.  They can put a “litigation hold” on the school, meaning that the student’s case is being assessed by a professional and that a lawsuit will be filed if the case isn’t handled appropriately.  This gives the accused the time and relief to gather the evidence they need.  Without an attorney’s help, school officials have even been known to destroy or hide evidence!  We can request that the school preserves the evidence you need.  Don’t an accusation rob you of your right to a fair hearing.

Attorneys Will Investigate Thoroughly and Counsel

Do you know how to defend yourself?  Question witnesses?  Properly collect evidence?  Navigate the traps and hidden rules of school administration?  It is likely an accuser student does not, because they have never been in such a situation.  An experienced attorney does.  They have vast and varied trial experience to help you build your case as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.  They will mitigate charges and stop administration from rushing the case.  When you don’t know the answer or right decision to make, an attorney can counsel you and help you increase your confidence and chances for success.

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