Theft on Campus

The rising costs of education, housing and goods can seem like an overbearing trap to even the most studious student.  Some may try to offset their costs by resorting to theft.  The motives may be perfectly understandable if the student is barely staying afloat and there seemed to be no other option, but regardless of circumstance, theft is a crime.

Petty larceny and shoplifting are the top crimes committed by college students.  It definitely isn’t on the same scale as many other thefts, but the penalties are still harsh.  States want to deter people from committing any theft, so they will not be sympathetic to or forgiving for petty crimes.


If a person knowingly takes merchandise without paying, it is considered shoplifting.  This crime is the most common for students.  It doesn’t matter how desperate a cash strapped individual is, shoplifting is considered a crime and will carry heavy penalties.  If a student resorts to the theft of dangerous or high stakes items such as firearms, knives and explosives, they could face serious criminal consequences and even jail time.

Petty Larceny

This is the theft of money or property that has little or no value.  Theft of electronic devices often falls under this category.  In most states, petty larceny is a misdemeanor, though some cases have a maximum penalty of county jail time.

How Can Theft Affect Me on Campus?

Theft can carry heavy consequences within the college, including suspension and expulsion.  The student will have court appearances that will affect attendance and they may be strapped with fines that will make their financial situation even worse.  As with all criminal offenses, a conviction of theft will go on the student’s personal and criminal records, making it difficult to access government resources, continue academic studies, and even limit careers.

Manchester & Associates Defense

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