Violence Against Others

Whether intended or not, any action that results in the physical or emotional harm of another individual will set a student up for a disciplinary hearing.  Violence against others is taken very seriously by colleges and universities, on or off campus.  The following are examples of causing or attempting harm:

  • Harassment:
    Anything that can endanger the health, safety, or emotional well being of another person can be considered harassment.  A person can harass another person through verbal abuse, bullying, threats, coercion, stalking, intimidation, etc.
  • Misuse of Social Media:
    Any online interactions that are used to harass, bully, stalk, or otherwise intimidate another person.
  • Retaliation:
    If a student makes a report of misconduct, they are protected from retaliation by the campus and state law.  Violence, threats, or otherwise attempting to adversely effect another individual involved in the case can be considered retaliation.
  • Stalking:
    The unwanted and intimidating pursuit of another individual through physical or social media means is considered stalking.
  • Endangerment:
    Reckless or intentional threats, endangerment or physical harm not only to another person, but their property as well.
  • Violence:
    Threatening, assaulting, shoving, hitting, abusing or otherwise physically harming another individual is considered violence.

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