Violence on Campus

Any act of violence, whether provoked or not, is against the code of conduct for every higher learning institution.  College is meant to be a safe atmosphere where students can focus on academic pursuits.  With the immense freedoms allowed, sometimes acts of violence can happen.  Students drinking to the point of impaired judgement can become violent when they normally wouldn’t be.  Very passionate or heated disagreements can sometimes escalate, and sometimes a student just makes bad decisions when thrust into a new and stressful place like a college.

Whatever the cause, violence is a crime and is punishable not only through the campus disciplinary panel, but also by local law enforcement.  There are many different offenses that could be considered violence.  You can find more information on specific acts of violence on the menu of links to the right.

How Can Violence Affect Me on Campus?

Acts of violence are taken incredibly seriously by schools.  They will likely call local authorities and the student will face criminal charges on top of college discipline.  The accused will have to attend court hearings, which will affect their classes and attendance.  Some violent acts could even warrant jail time.  Schools can suspend or expel the accused depending on the severity of the violence, and these actions will come swiftly, leaving the student little or no time to prepare.

Manchester & Associates Defense

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