Weapons on Campus

The ability of college student to carry concealed weapons is a topic of heated debate and numerous laws.  Deadly campus shootings have some calling for universal bans on all weapons, hoping to prevent these tragedies completely.  Other individuals believe that allowing students to carry concealed weapons would deter potential shooters.  Some just want tighter restrictions to decrease the likelihood of disaster.  What all groups have in common is that they want to stop any type of weapon related crime on campus.

Depending on where a student lives, their weapons laws have been shaped in a way that the community sees best to deter violence.  Sixteen states completely ban concealed weapons on campus, while 23 states allow the higher education institution to enact rules in the way it sees best for student safety.  Pennsylvania is once state that allows colleges to decide whether students can carry or not.

Students who want to carry must be fully aware of their particular state laws and their colleges code of conduct.  If they violate a ban on concealed weapons, they could face dire consequences.  The college will see any possession, whether or not the student had any ill intent, as a threat to the safety of the staff and students.

How Can Possessing a Weapon Affect Me on Campus?

Students caught carrying a concealed weapon on a campus that forbids it will typically face immediate action.  The campus authorities will not care what the students intentions were.  They will only see that their safety and the safety of every person on campus was compromised.  Schools will likely resort straight to suspension or expulsion.

Manchester & Associates Defense

Contact Manchester & Associates today for help if you have been accused of carrying a concealed weapon on a college campus.  Everything is at stake and the school will move quickly and harshly.  An attorney can help you step though the process and protect your rights.