What Kind Of Consequences Can I Face?

What Kinds of Consequences Can I Face With Sexual Assault Accusations?

There are two main consequences for a college student who is found guilty of sexual assault: suspension and expulsion.  Both of these actions are not to be taken lightly.  They can damage short and long term learning and career goals.  Students facing these accusations must be aware of the potentially devastating effects.  Minimizing the damage done by sexual assault accusations needs to take precedence over studying, homework, and even tests.  Those things will only hinder a student for the short term.  If the accused is found guilty, the sexual assault charges will impact an entire college and work career.

Anyone accused of sexual assault must be aware of these consequences:


With recent pressure from the government to handle sexual assault cases quickly and aggressively, schools are using suspension less and less.  If a student faces suspension, they need to understand that it isn’t just missing some school.  Details of the suspension will be included in a disciplinary history that can make entry into other schools even more difficult than they already are.  Students that wish to continue their education on the same campus face substantial setbacks.

If you have been suspended or are facing suspension, remain active in your local community.  Use your time to volunteer or intern.  Such actions can benefit you in the long run.


An expelled student will have sexual assault on their educational transcripts and records.  They will be forced to apply for an undergraduate degree, and every school applied to will be informed that they were expelled for sexual assault.  The decision to keep the application will depend on the details of the assault record.  The less detailed and vague, the more likely they will be accepted.  If there is a stack of incriminating evidence against them, there is little chance of acceptance.

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Both suspension and expulsion are serious matters with long term consequences.  Before you reach that point, Contact Manchester & Associates for help.  We can maximize your chances of a successful outcome.