What Should I Expect?

What Should I Expect from a Sexual Assault Allegation?

Sexual assault allegations can undo all of your hard efforts.  Most students spend days, months, even years preparing and testing to enter colleges.  Whether athlete or academic, you have most likely worked hard to get where you are at.  In the case of sexual assault, you now have to work hard to prove your innocence.  The pressure from the government on colleges to respond immediately and effectively in such cases is high.  They could loose all their federal funding if they fail to do so.  Because of this, they can often rush the process and the student suffers.  Even innocent students have been swept through quick and harsh administrative discipline that expels them and labels them a rapist amount their peers.

There are protections with the criminal justice system that a college administration won’t use.  The stakes are too high for them, but your personal destruction can be avoided with proper representation.  If you are a college student, and you have been accused, this is what you should expect:

Presumed Guilt

In the college setting, you are not granted the “innocent until proven guilty” of the criminal justice system.  You will be judged as guilty immediately by students and staff.  Expect relationships with teachers, friends and other staff to reflect this.

No-Contact Orders

Guidelines within the U.S. Department of Education require that the the accused be completely separated from the accuser.  Chances are that you will receive a no-contact order even with unproven allegations.  While this may seem perfectly logical, most students do not realize that this applies to every area of their campus life.  Classes, dorms, dining, fraternity and sorority interactions, interactions with mutual friends, and even orders to stay off campus except strictly for academic purposes.

No Uniformity Among Schools

There is no set way to resolve a sexual misconduct allegation.  Every school makes its own system, often leaving the students completely out of their process.  If you have been accused, you must learn your schools guidelines and processes to protect yourself.

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