What’s At Stake?

What’s At Stake After Sexual Assault Allegations?

Reputation.  Intimidation.  Loss of Scholarships.  Expulsion.  Mental duress.  Your future is at stake.  As soon as claims of sexual assault are brought forward, the accused will find themselves alienated and presumed guilty.  Just the accusation can have far reaching effects, even if you are innocent.  You worked hard to get where you are at.  Everything is at stake.  It is vital that you allow an experience student defense lawyer like Manchester & Associates to counsel you and mitigate the law.

So what’s at stake?

Your Whole College Career

You worked hard to get where you are.  You had to be accepted, pass exams, apply for aide and scholarships, pass workshops or put countless hours into homework and projects.  You worked hard to earn your grades or strove to be the best to get that athletic scholarship.  When a sexual assault allegation comes, it can ruin everything.

As if your world wasn’t busy enough, suddenly you find yourself trying to fight allegations amidst all of your hard work.  Grades suffer.  Expulsion could happen even if you are two weeks from graduation.  Further frustration occurs when disciplinary hearings can be comprised of teachers or even students with little knowledge or training in these matters.  Punishment is swift and severe, even if you have an excellent track record, because the government puts great pressure on the schools to quickly discipline and penalize students accused of sexual assault.  They could loose their federal funding, so it is you, the accused, that stands to loose everything in a very short amount of time.

Your Future

Alleged victims may request that the allegations are handled by police.  If this is the case, you need an experienced attorney.  Though the law provides you more protections such as due and impartial process, but it also has stricter, and sometimes far reaching, disciplinary actions.  You could be forced to quit your college career, limiting future employment, and even stopping you from receiving government aid or voting.  Limited housing options and negative social stigma arise when the accused are placed on a sexual offender registry.  You will be perceived as dangerous.

Manchester & Associates Defense

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