When Is An Attorney Needed?

When Is An Attorney Needed?

Charges against a student can be against the school’s code of conduct, the law, or both.  When criminal charges are likely, an attorney’s assistance is needed to protect their rights.

What are some of the common criminal charges on campus?

You may face any of these in a college environment and the disciplinary actions can range from suspension to expulsion.  Don’t take any of the following lightly:

Underage Drinking:  Due to the nature of college and the mix of young and mature adults, the opportunity to drink before the age of 21 may occur in multiple situations.  While criminal charges typically are not a concern, schools often discipline quickly and harshly to avoid multiple infractions.  Students can be suspended or even expelled if they continue their violations.

Drug Crimes:  Administrative action or even criminal charges will be sought against any student who possesses or uses illegal drugs on campus.

Theft:  While taking anything that doesn’t belong to you is theft, certain high money items can actually result in felony charges and stricter penalties.

Hazing: Most likely to occur in a fraternity or sorority, this misconduct endangers the physical, mental or academic health of another student.  Entire Greek life organizations have been dissolved as a result of these charges.

Piracy: Downloading, copying or distributing copyrighted materials is is piracy.  Students are most likely to try to circumvent hefty textbook prices.  This this lead to millions of dollars in loses from publishers and has lead to school authorities banding together with law enforcement to end it.

Weapon Possession: Today’s colleges are increasingly less tolerant of weapons possession on campus because of the influx of school shootings.  Disciplinary action is often swift and severe.

Sexual Misconduct: Perhaps the most seriously pursued charges of all since not only is every type of sexual misconduct (harassment, assault, rape, etc.) a crime, but colleges are pressured by the government to handle the cases to a certain standard.

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Contact Manchester & Associates today for help.  The charges made in a college setting can result in suspension, expulsion, or even criminal and felony charges.  Our representation can make the difference.